A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

This was my note from the universe this morning, and the enthusiasm cheered me on this, my first morning back to work after being off for a week. (ssshhhmmmmmeeeehhhhh)

“Kristen… it’s Thursday(!!), and Thursdays are ALWAYS awesome! Great things happen on Thursdays in the physical, and magical things happen in spirit too. Players, circumstances, and facts are all being aligned to brighten and lighten… THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Hmmm… wonder what goodies are in store for you today… what surprises… what coincidences and accidents? Something to think about.

Happy Thursday!”

An this (paraphrased) comment, by a friend of a friend on FB, also rang true, especially in light of my “It’s Time To…” list earlier this week.

Your “potential” isn’t worth much. Ditto being “smart”. To paraphrase Forrest Gump: “smart” is as smart does. People will judge you by what you’ve done. This isn’t even unfair. What else could you judge someone on? That’s the only evidence you’ll ever have! What you DO is the only thing that matters, not what you think about doing. You are also defined by what you are, not by what you aren’t. So you’re not a jerk, you’re not a sexist, a racist, an asshole, a misogynist, a bitch. Good job, but what are you? “Nice” sits in my brain like lukewarm, unflavored malt-o-meal. Such a weak word, “nice”. I’m fairly certain the word “nice” wouldn’t be the first word used to describe anyone who ever did anything worth talking about. (Keith Daniels)

Less thinking, more doing. More doing requires a higher level of bravery and faith in oneself.

This morning I was thinking about the goals on the Time To list, and how they are impacted by these sort of vague, nebulous fears… and when I started looking more closely and putting names to the fears how silly they really are. For example, I feel reluctant to commit to signing up for a 5k, because…

I might fail, I might let people down, this might be one of those things I get excited about and never follow through on…

Fear of it hurting or not liking it, fear of being dependable means actually sticking to my word and not being flaky, and what’s wrong with being someone who does what she says?

Anyway. Less thinking, more doing, right?


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