A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

T! G! I! F!

I’m really tired today, owing to being up past my bedtime last night (well, and adjusting to getting up at the crack of dawn again after being on vacation for the last week). The Sooners played Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night and I went out to watch it with college buddies. Very fun!

BUT. Something crazy and possibly really good happened, which is unrelated to football.

Stripey has been diabetic for a year now. ( Collapse )
This has meant twice-daily insulin injections, timed precisely 12 hours apart, which has in turn meant not being able to stay overnight anywhere, or really go on trips, or sleep in, or go out right after work… and it has also meant checking his blood sugar 6 times per day every few months (a process called “curving”). Well. I took him to the vet earlier this week because of the conjunctivitis, and had them do another senior panel of bloodwork because I suspected his thyroid was out of whack, causing significant weight loss.

So they did that, and yesterday they called me with the results: thyroid is out of whack, so we started him on med for that, but the surprising thing was his blood glucose, which was 71 in the office!!

For reference, in cats glucose levels between 70-100 are normal. All this time I’ve been checking him, he’s been in the 200-300 range, which is acceptable in older and more sedentary diabetic cats. Cats can go into remission from diabetes, but it is rare in geriatric cats, so I just adjusted my perspective that this was how it would be from now on: carefully controlled diet and insulin, and control the diabetes so it doesn’t affect the rest of his organs.

The crazy lower number startled all of us and I panicked because I gave him his shot yesterday morning, without knowing he was already low. It could have very easily put him into a coma and killed him! So I raced home after work (the vet had called late afternoon) and he was fine, and I checked his glucose and it was 77.

She thinks either the dramatic weight loss from the hyperthyroid has caused him to go into remission, OR he’s lost enough weight that he’s not in remission but just needs his dose changed. I am hoping for remission, of course, for him and for me.

This morning he got 2 medications, his ears pricked for glucose testing, and his eye drops, poor little lambchop. (He gave me the Serious Stinkeye and went into a cardboard box as soon as I let go of him.) His BG was higher (133), but not high-high like it has been, and he and Henry had gotten into treats in the night, which likely skewed the results a bit.

I’ll keep spot-checking him all weekend, and have my fingers crossed for remission, or for at least a significantly lower dose (possibly once once per day!?) of insulin.
Dr. McG cautioned me that it’s less common for old cats to go into remission, but my hopes are UP! Send us good thoughts.

TL;DR – Stripey might be in remission from diabetes!

This weekend: movie watching, book reading, cat snuggling, friend-dating, and a dinner party with lawyers. I am feeling pretty good.


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