A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I found this recipe for Cabbage and Mushroom Pierogis and I really want to try it. I’ve been wanting to try a pierogi recipe for a while and this one seems good… it’s a little more detailed than the one I found in my Immigrants of Ellis Island cookbook.

Last night something so cool happened! I learned how to brew beer! Kate and Sarah had me over to observe the batch they were making, and they offered to let me use their equipment and to supervise my first batch! So, Feb 1 we’ll be toodling over to the home brew store to pick up ingredients. I am planning a Honey Orange hefewisen, and so have been tasked with finding a recipe, and doing some research to get familiar with what ingredients might be needed, and with reading the basic home beermaking book they loaned me so I’ll be conversant in the process. Such excellent teachers! Not to mention that the evening was so much fun.

It sounds totally hokey, and I mean, yeah, I am a huge cheeseball, but it really felt like a GIFT that they taught me how to do this, and that they’re helping to facilitate my entry into homebrewing. I’ve been interested for years, but I felt very intimidated by the process and overwhelmed by the chemistry. Participating in the process with K & S totally demystified it and I was like, “OH! I can totally do this!”

So now I’m trying to decide what to name my inaugural brew. Kate suggested “Drop of Sunshine,” since it will be a bright beer during the rainy early spring, but I’m thinking I’d like something more symbolic, maybe in honor of 2014 being my gold medal year? (And of course I’m thinking of a Boobelly Girlcat Brown…)

It is storming like crazy outside! Henry H. Kittenfingers has been hanging out on her spot on the back of the couch, looking out the big front windows. It’s loud though, and shit is blowing around like crazy (trees, bushes, plastic flower pots). She was all hunched up, looking more and more alarmed, until finally she crawled off the back of the couch and into The Snuggle Zone (between my hip and the back of the couch), where she tucked her nose under my elbow and relaxed and started purring. Poor birthday babe!

I am so happy that she looks to me for comfort, though. She’s brave for as long as she can stand it, and then comes over knowing she’ll be safe tucked up against me. Pretty cute.


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