A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

The best thing about having to get up on a cold morning (to use the bathroom or feed hungry kittenmouths, etc) is getting BACK in bed… That precise moment when your air-chilled skin meets the still-warm cocoon of bed and soft sheets and downy duvet, and you can just snuggle in and relax back to dozing or sleep…

This message is being dispatched from the bednest, a warm and feathery spot in a small house at the base of an inactive volcano in a rainy foggy chilly damp city on the banks of s river. I can hear crows; I can hear sea gulls; I can hear rain plopping and the big evergreens waving their branches above the house.

Life feels lovely and calm this morning. (catch me later, it’s blood sugar day, but for now, “all is clams/all is right”.)


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