A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

This morning when the alarm went off, I was dreaming that I was touring a house with someone. It was lovely and amazing, with adorable nooks and gorgeous old architectural elements, charming and comfortable. In the dream I remember feeling envious and resigned, knowing that such a home would never be within my reach.

But I woke UP with the flash of understanding that a) such a place would literally be within reach if I succeed in the financial changes I’ve been painstakingly making, and b) in dreams houses represent the MIND – and such loveliness is DEFINITELY within reach in THAT context!! This won’t sound revolutionary to any of you, but for me it felt like an AHA moment.

Then Stripey started yodeling for breakfast, a song which can be loosely translated from the cat as, “Mom, get up, I’m starving! My dish is nearly empty! Henry has eaten all of our food throughout the night, leaving me lean and anxious, while she gets plump like a bunny. Don’t make me kill her, please get up and feeeeeeeed me.”

Then Henry came in and stood on my chest staring down into my face to ensure I was alive and getting up. Little buggers, tag-teaming. The dream was great though.


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