A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, whoohoo! I’ve got therapy tonight. I don’t feel like I have much to talk to Wendy about; things are, for the most part, going ok.

I had dinner with Matt last night and we actually, for the first time, in real adult language, talked about us being together in a relationship – and how we both agree it might work, but that the risks are too great. It was interesting to have that conversation, though. We’ve never come right out and talked about it, and in fact we’ve pretty studiously shied away. But now we have talked and it was good.

Things I realized: I want someone with G-level handsomeness, and the ease and comfortability that I have with Matt. Jon is definitely not it. I laid it all out for Matt, just in case I was overlooking something, or not giving Jon enough credit, but Matt agrees with me that the right and good thing to do for all parties involved is to not become “romantically” involved with him.

Things I am focusing on instead, since…. apparently I am the kind of person who obsesses over partner-people…. beer brewing, tulip planting, hiking all the Forest Park trails, figuring out valentine’s plans, working on my writing project…


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