A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Friday! Friiiiday!! Whoop whoop confetti!

Tonight right after work I’m heading to a new bottle shop on my street called Imperial, where they have the elusive Pliny the Elder on tap. I feel like Ahab, chasing the great IPA all over this city! ha! Kate texted me last night just as they tapped it, so hopefully they won’t have run out by the time I get there this evening!

The more I read about home brewing the more excited I get about brewing my own. What a fascinating process. Y’all will be sick of me talking about it by the time it is all said and done. I have decided that with my tax refund I will buy: mattress/box spring and the brewing kit & associated items necessary. The rest will go to pay off another CC and set aside for Fun with the NieceKid on spring break.

Ditching the gym as well as cable is going to save some good $$, I hope, to go towards the Maine trip! Cable goes after the SuperBowl, as I may have mentioned. I’m ready. I think I will miss it and I think it will be a transition, but I’m willing to at least try. I keep telling myself that if I’m actually miserable (miserable without broadcast t.v., please god please don’t let that happen, the shame of my addiction would be TOOO MUCH!), I can just sign back up. Safety net!

Oh and speaking of safety nets, last night I saw Wendy and we set my next appointment for THREE weeks out. I think I could probably sever with her, but honestly, I like the consistency of having someone to check in with.

I do need to figure out what my February goals will be – in addition to daily exercisish movement, daily vitamin, and daily creativity. I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

And are any of you watching the new show Intelligence with Sawyer from Lost and Marg Helgenberger from CSI? It’s good. It’s entertaining. It’s pretty. hahahahah

Tonight. Pliny the Elder! Book. Anthony Bourdain.
Tomorrow. Hobbit, genealogy, house cleaning, pizza, beer.
Sunday. Brunch, hike, laundry, book.

I am loving my sweet life!

Yesterday in therapy Wendy reminded me that when I started with her I said I feared I would never feel joy again. I am so glad to feel it again!!! And not because of another person, just because I like who I am and what I’m doing.

Blessings come in So! Many! Guises!
Currently one blessing is cleaning his nethers right here on my lap, and the other blessing is intently watching the faux flames in the fireplace. Silly furry blessings.

Also. Help me name my beer! It’s going to be a Honey Orange Wheat. I’d like my various brews to have a theme maybe. Birds? Baseball terms? Law terms?? Jewish stuff? Heeeelllp. OR something to do with it being the inaugural batch? I will certainly do a Henrietta Hefe, a Stripeysan Stout and a Boobelly Girlcat Brown, but those will be special 🙂


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