A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

The sun is shining so beautifully here, but the wind is blowing terribly. What a strange winter this has been. Normally by now we would have been under deep cloud cover and not having seen sun or blue sky for a good 3 months. But here we are, sunny, windy, and not too too cold (unless the wind is blowing). It’s really strange.

This morning I met up with lovely peeps, one of whom is my dear friend Mary Elizabeth, who’s first book has been published and is being released in October. She has even had inquiries from someone at Disney to option her book for a screenplay! WHAT! AND! I am named in her acknowledgments. I got a little misty. A lot misty, really. 🙂 So proud and inspired! Conversation and hanging out was great, but the food at Country Cat doesn’t blow my hair back. It’s one of those Hip Portland Brunch Places, which…. eeeeehhhhh…. unless you’re new in town, or visiting, there is no reason in my mind to even go to those places. I like my hidden gems. You know, where you don’t have to wait an hour and the food is actually good and not served to you by someone wearing a stocking cap.

This is how I know I am actually a Portlander now. I appreciate the Very Portland places for what they are, but will actively seek the lower profile places at all costs, to avoid the bullshit. How do the Venetians do it? Such a small area and swarming with visitors all the time?

Anyhoo. Came home and watched The Hobbit (Desolation of Smaug) finally. I didn’t actually really like it. Some parts were very good, but a lot of it felt very superfluous. I wish PJ hadn’t tried to do some epic mixmaster of Symarilion (sp?) and the Hobbit, because I think the product ends up being hugely diluted and just not as good as it could have been. There’s TOO MUCH going on. What did you guys think?

I meant to go hiking or running today, but the wind is too much. It’s too cold, and it’s kicked up so much shit into the air that I can hardly breathe. It’s another double-allergy pill day here and I’m still a sneezy snortling mess. This means house yoga! Yay! The cats just LOVE house yoga, because they get to join in!

Hope your weekend has been/still is/was marvelous.


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