A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

The pinky & ring fingers of my left hand have been tingly & fizzy for days now. I called for a massage appointment, but there’s nothing until Weds. Upon investigating on the internet, it seems like an issue with the ulnar nerve. I’m going to take some anti-inflammatory pills and do some stretching and see if that helps. Tonight I’ll be wrapping my arm in a towel to prevent it from bending while I sleep, too. All of that SHOULD help. Cross your fingers (if you can feel them).

After all my shouting from the roof last week and this weekend about how joyous I’ve been feeling, the chair sure was kicked out. Today I feel terrible. Anxious, stressed out, angry.

Edit: half an ativan later and I’m back to feeling normal and like I can cope. My idiot landlord texted me to say that he replaced the bulb in the lamp out by the sidewalk. The one I told him on Saturday I had just replaced and that the bulb wasn’t the problem, it’s the wiring. But he went ahead and replaced the bulb anyway. I thought about taking a picture of it tonight and sending it to him, but no. I am not going to do that. I am going to light my own pathway in whatever way I see fit, and I found motion-sensor flood lights which run on batteries and can be affixed to the outside of my house and I will put one of those up. And he can kiss my ass.


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