A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

My hand and elbow feel a bit better today. I was diligent about the anti-inflammatory pills and very careful yesterday to keep it straight as much as possible, which is harder than it seems! You never realize how much you use your elbow until you’re not supposed to be using it!! I did not sleep well, but at least my fingers aren’t tingling as much today.

Saturday is my inaugural brew day! I’m extremely excited. So, as I’ve mentioned now probably a hundred times, I’m making a Honey Orange Wheat. Kate and Sarah are going to help me pick out the right ingredients on Saturday morning and them BAM, the brewing begins. Oh yes, I will press one of them into service as my photographer for the occasion, hahahaha. Posterity!!

Focusing on the good!! Tonight is the State of the Union, which I will watch as a good American. I went home at lunch and put on a crockpot of chili, so there will be warm delicious food when I get hoooooome! Huzzah!


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