A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I woke up to birds singing. Then I saw that today is Saint Brigid’s day in Ireland, also known as Imbolq by pagans/wiccans, relating to the beginning of spring. Saint Brigid is thought to be the christianization of the Celtic goddess Brighid and is the patron saint of dairy cows and is associated with calving – ie, springtime things.

The beer will be called Saint Brigid’s Honey Orange Wheat.

Happy Saturday! I am in a stellar mood, because today is Brew Day! I’m making the grocery order, and then I’m heading over to Kate & Sarah’s for the day. I’m beyond excited. Waking up and naming my beer was so great, too! The last couple days have been fitful for sleeping (too hot), but joyous upon waking. My early-morning consciousness is apparently ripe with inspiration.

In cat news, I am beginning to transition Henrietta to the low carb/grain free kibble that Stripey eats. I can’t afford for everyone to be eating different foods! Stripey isn’t starting on his steroid regime until Monday, and I am anxious to get him going on it. The weight loss is alarming.

The Superbowl is tomorrow and I have been invited to a couple of places, but I think after this long week of being social and running around that I’ll take the day to myself, for laundry and cooking and tidying and writing. I’m having fun with my dream-inspired story and would like to make some more headway on it.

Happy life feels happy again. Can’t help but attribute a lot of it to a new hobby/obsession. The world of beer in general is fascinating and absorbing, but home brewing in particular is even more interesting. Yesterday Chad (one of the partners) invited me to be a part of the newly-formed Portland Beer Buyer’s Club, and by extension, I joined the Oregon Brew Crew, an association of brewers and enthusiasts. All of this feels really right to me.

Running, too. My cold weather tights are great, and my new socks came yesterday. En route is a long-sleeved moisture-wicking shirt (I get sweaty and then stay cold) and a headlamp. I need a couple of other things (jacket, gloves, hat) and I’ll be set for comfortable running in all conditions.

These are good things.
ETA: Paid off credit card. Broke down and ordered red KitchenAid blender to match the mixer. (sigh)

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