A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

[protected post] Crows Nest Brewing opens: St. Brigid Honey Orange Wheat is born!


This is a link to the flickr set of photos from today!

What a wonderful, thrilling, special day this was. I got to Kate and Sarah’s house this morning and we headed over to Steinbarts, one of the home brew supply stores here in Portland. It was a little intimidating! So much stuff! I wandered around a little and looked at everything and felt excited and inspired. We got ingredients for the beer, and I also bought some of the basic, non-kit items (kettle, spoon, mesh bag, sanitizer, carboy/stopper/hose/airlock) I need AND came in under budget! There are still things I need, but I think for now I’m doing ok. K & S are letting me use their equipment for bottling when it comes time, but I will need to get that stuff for myself before the next brew.

We went back to their house and brewed! There were a couple of moments where I was a little unsure what to do (the recipe ended up not being as clear as it could have been), but those girls stepped in when they needed to and otherwise let me do everything on my own. Exhilarating!!

This morning while I was getting ready and wiggling around the house drinking coffee and singing, it occurred to me that I was feeling Very Happy, even joyful. …. and it had nothing to do with anyone else! It wasn’t giddiness due to a love interest, or because someone else was paying me special attention… it was due entirely to just being happy with what’s going on in my sphere right now. What a lovely, empowering, refreshing realization!

It’s not that there aren’t things which are troubling or worrisome or anxiety-provoking or blah, just that I am more focused on the good stuff, and for that, I am so very grateful.

I’m hokey as shit, as you all know, but I meant it when I said to K & S today that they’ve really given me a LIFESTYLE. They didn’t just teach me to brew and let me use their stuff; their enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge and passion ignited my interest. I feel quite jazzed. A sparkly new hobby to sink my teeth into!

And I KNOW beer brewing is No Big Deal here in Portland; everyone and their dog brews… but I think lady brewers are fewer than our dudely counterparts and I am very happy to be a member of this club now.


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