A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

It is absolutely gorgeously sunny here, except quite cold. Tomorrow it’s going to be Very Cold, and we’re not forecast to get above 35 for most of the week. I know it’s nothing to you hardcore winter people in Alaska and the NE US and Canada, but we’re darn chilly! Spring is flexing her wings around here, and my day lillies, which have already begun to emerge, are definitely going to get nipped.

I spent some time this morning thinking about what I might try next, and there are a couple of options. Ideally eventually I’d like to try my hand at a pilsner, but I think I want to get a little more experience. I’m considering a double IPA with basil, but I need to do some more research. A scottish heather ale is definitely on the list, too. I’m not rushing into the next brew, though. Maybe March 1, I’ll start another batch. Or while the kid is here for Spring Break…

This morning I actually woke up with terrible anxiety, relating to Stripey and money – both of which are fine – but managed to come off the ledge and go back to sleep. His weight loss is really troubling and I am extremely anxious to get him started on medication. My poor old guy. So very skinny right now.

I’m spending the day writing and doing Life Things and feeling glad I didn’t accept invitations for the game today.


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