A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

My blender should be arriving tomorrow! I’m so excited to make smoothies and hummus. My mom (somewhat inexplicably, perhaps she has some ability to see the future?) sent me a smoothie recipe book at the holidays, and some of them sound really good. Here’s to healthy living. (Hummus is a health food!!)

Speaking of living – all of the terrible weather on the east coast has pretty much cured me of my desire to live in Boston. I cannot imagine being happy under feet and feet and feet of snow all winter long. And I realize this is a worse-than-usual winter, but DAMN. The collective groan of anguish and resignation from my east coast friends shook facebook mightily this morning. It’s cold here – the thermometer said 20F at my house this morning (which didn’t account for windchill, who knows what that temp was), but I didn’t have to shovel.

I actually have been feeling really grateful lately – for my situation, for my health, for a warm house and car and food and a job I love. Things aren’t perfect, certainly, but I took a hot shower this morning and didn’t have to put on a hard hat and go work outside, so there’s zero room for whining. (It really was not fun getting up at 5 this morning in order to cat-wrangle and be at a 7am meeting, but passing people sleeping under the bridge really puts it right into perspective.)

In less grim news, Southern Oregon Brewing has a beer I am really digging, and I’m on the hunt for it around town: Na Zdravi. I’ve found three bars where it’s on tap, but I’m more interested in growler-filling, or bottles. AND! I just found out that at Imperial (on Division), will bottle everything they have on tap! I think that’s pretty cool. I spent my lunch hour reading beer blogs and making a list of some new things I’d like to try. (NOTE TO SELF: PLEASE GO RUNNING SOON – ALL THE BEER DRINKING ISN’T DOING ANYTHING FOR YOUR FIGURE.)

Well, in spite of getting here at 6:45 this morning, I will not be leaving early, as I had expected. That’s a bummer, because I know I’m going to run out of steam fast today. The good news is that my gigantic cold sore has been arrested and is now on the mend after but 2 days. Thanks, acyclovir! Now for some sneaked-in story writinghardcore legal work until this day is done…


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