A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

1. My face is so windburned/chapped from this morning. It looks like sunburn and my (already substantial cheek apples) are swollen! I’ve soothed with cool lavender cloths but ouch. Dumb! I was only out for maybe half an hour max!

2. Why am I still awake? I got up at 5, for Pete’s sake.

3. Dinner date with shanon tomorrow; looking forward to seeing her and catching up.

4. Taking myself to see Monuments Men on Friday! Can’t wait!

5. Might have a writing date and/or dinner date with Ethan and Matthew Saturday. This depends on whether or not we get…

6. SNOW! Up to 3″ predicted in the metro, with much more predicted for the southern valley. I would not mind a snowbound weekend at home.

7. Stripey’s appetite continues to be good. Can’t tell yet if he’s gaining weight, but he sure is eating better.

8. Stumbled onto perfect names for characters in my latest story this evening. That is such a nice feeling; I am having fun with this one.

9. Spent time this evening not filing an amended tax return but instead consolidating and inputting the various beers on my To Try list into my new beer app. I read some beer blogs and more of my brewing book and read about a guy doing A Year of Beer: 365 beers. Brilliant. I’m totally going to do that at some point!

10. Finally, I am getting my new phone on Tuesday. Thanks to the firm, it will be all of $40 for a shiny new iPhone. So grateful for their generosity. I think it makes people mad though. I am saddened by that; I really believe they came into my life because I desperately needed to learn to expect more and good for myself and not just settle for shit and poor treatment. Its something I’m so thankful for, and I’ll be loyal to them forever for it. Not just a job, but an opportunity for a different kind of life and a different way of looking at life and of IMAGINING life. Quite a gift. (and a good reminder that not settling goes for all aspects of life, ahem ahem)

Stay cozy tonight, my friends! It’s a stormy crazy night here; I can hear the tree branches clattering together and the big fir over the house is swooshing against the roof. Hope the crow family is toasty up there too…


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