A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Three day weekend due to snow. My day will consist of : reading, making tomato soup and a grilled cheese, writing, and that’s about it. Proper snow day!!

the cats and I were nestled in faux fur throws by the faux fire, which is where we’d been for much of the day, as the snow fell steadily outside. Our little house was a warm sanctuary from which birds could be watched, and snow-hiking excursions could be launched. Not to mention the naps taken within, by girl and feline alike. There’s something about a snow day nap that is largely unparalleled…

It’s very very snowy here. We got a snow day today because not only were the courts closed, the whole city seemed to be closed. Glorious! I went out earlier for a long walk and to fill the bird feeder and it was Just! So! Beautiful! I found myself feeling so joyous and just laughing out loud with glee. I felt like a little kid! People were sledding down Mt. Tabor and had I anything to sled ON, I would have done so too. It looked like HUGE fun. People were traversing the city on cross-country skis today, which I thought was very clever. My neighbors were so filled with happiness they threw themselves down in the driveway and made snow angels. We have, by my measurement, 4.5″ on the ground, with 6″ drifts.

How really wonderful this all is – at least for me. 🙂 I did a lot of reading today and house-tidying, a bit of writing, and a bit more beer research. It has begun snowing again here and they say we have the possibility of 4-8 more inches to fall throughout the night.

Once again, I am so grateful not to HAVE to be out in it – I would be white-knuckled and terrified had I been forced to drive, and as a result, I’ve skipped trying to get to the movies tonight and am instead opting to watch the 3-part miniseries Klondike which aired on Discovery channel. It looks to be completely fascinating and is filled with very pretty people. So I’m going to watch that and maybe make brownies.

I’m also writing. Tell me your favorite super power! Research is happening over here… Ethan thinks I would like the writing group he joined up with, and I am giving it serious consideration. I feel hesitant, but I’m not sure WHY. There is an overall theme to my life lately (for the last… year?) of feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable committing to anything. I do not know what that’s about, but here it is coming up again. Ethan is SO GOOD at committing to things – he’s 100% not the kind of person who ever lets fear or uncertainty hold him back, but apparently I am (even though I fight this impulse). Maybe this is the universe’s way of nudging me to try something new.

One of my “resolutions” for 2014 is to Be Braver, after all. Making a commitment does take a certain amount of courage and geez, it’s not like I’m signing my life away. And adopting the admirable traits of the people I love is never a bad thing! (Alright, I guess I just talked myself into doing it.)

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone.


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