A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

It is snowing hard again here. So hard that I went out this morning to take out the trash and recycling and fill the bird feeder… then came in and took a shower. By the time I got out, my footprints are covered and are rapidly being filled in as we speak. Nuts! Have already decided I’ll be taking the bus into the office on Monday. There is little chance I’ll be able to get back into the driveway (which is a hill) if I can get out successfully in the first place. I ordered a pair of snow boots, which won’t come in time probably (indeed UPS and FedEx are not delivering at the moment because of the roads), but I don’t want to get caught without proper footwear again. My hiking boots are doing ok, but they’re not tall enough to protect my pants against the deep snow.

Today is a writing day and a beer researching day, but first a cooking & baking day. Chicken tikka masala and a crockpot of beef veggie soup, also a small pot of tomato basil soup, then either PB bars or cherry brownies, haven’t decided.

I got my new phone ordered, along with a case and an adapter so I can still use the speaker G got me a couple of years ago. The firm gave me $150, so I went with just the 16g iPhone 5c, which is not the fanciest or the biggest, but hopefully will be wonderful all the same. I’ve been using the iPhone 4 (not even with Siri!) for the last 3 years, never even updated the iOS (not enough space on it to do so) and its been ok, but is starting to be really buggy. Twice as much space should be fine – I really dithered over that, but in the end decided to be thrifty.

Things I still need for my homebrewing operation:
~ auto-siphon
~ funnel with strainer
~ another carboy and airlock and stopper
~ slip-on thermometer
(optional, but will be nice to have eventually)
~ wort chiller
~ bottle tree

Kate and Sarah brewed yesterday, using snow in theirs, and I’m so excited to drink it when it’s ready. I’m still debating my own next brew. I love the idea of using herbs and flowers and spices, but I really want to make sure the flavor profiles work. Consequently I am trying to learn everything there is to know about hops and grains. It’s really a fascinating hobby. I kinda can’t believe it took me this long to get started with it!!

I hope your weekend is going swimmingly, everyone.


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