A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Stripey played the clean sheets game tonight!! First time in ages! More than a year! The steroids are making him frisky, I think.

I made an all-white bed this evening, with just 2 of the (6) pillows in pale spring green pillowcases. Wintery, but with a nod to spring. I’d like to get to goodwill and see if i can find some pink sheets (pale pink, not princess) but sadly we are iced and snowed in. I have also found some great throw pillows there, which once dry cleaned with the Dryel stuff, are good as new. I’m slowly but surely carrying out my Venetian shabby chic theme!

Tell me about your bed!

Spaghetti for dinner and the rest of the food got frozen today. I do love doing weekly cooking! Jon also cooks, but his food is much fancier than mine. I fall back again and again on the stuff my grandma taught me. I’ll never turn my nose up at fancier food, I will always prefer the old standbys. (Hence my obsession with the old cookbooks.) Not to bring up the dreaded G-word, but back when we were together, that was one of the things I liked about him: simple, unpretentious way of being. Just another reminder of a quality I like in people, especially people I date. Note: simple and unpretentious does not mean provincial.

Well anyway. Beer news: double IPA with basil is not going to work, I don’t think. Now investigating Scottish ales with heather. I had a heather beer once and I loved it.

Weather news: massive massive winds here. Everything is frozen solid. I am no longer joyous about the weather, although still so very thankful not to have to be out in it.


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