A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Kate and Sarah brewed this weekend, as I mentioned – the beer on the left is their new one, Winter Blast. The one in the middle is one they’ll be bottling soon, and the one on the right is MIIIIIINE! St. Brigid is looking good. Darker than I imagined she would be, but I’m excited all the same. We’ll bottle on March 1.

Kate has advised that I bottle a couple of 12 ozes in addition to the 22s, so that I can test after about 2 weeks of conditioning. I never would have thought to do that; once again I am thankful to be guided in this process.

The idea is that the beer will do it’s final thing in the bottles for two weeks and then be ready to drink somewhere around St. Patrick’s Day. This is significant, because not only is my beer named for St. Brigid, which is the day on which it was brewed, but she was a compatriot of St. Patrick’s and we only celebrate St. Pat’s Day because of patriarchy! She is actually buried in the same grave as he is, although she was beheaded. Gruesome, but interesting.

Drinking St. Brig will be a fitting tribute to an overlooked lady, and indeed, a forcibly christianized Celtic goddess.

The carboys have been moved out of their kitchen and into the livingroom in order to stay toasty. I am so lucky to have such good good friends taking care of my baby. And Timbers Army fans, to boot! There is a group called the Timbers Army Fermentation Corps which I intend to become active with this season, too.


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