A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Oh a happy happy Monday to you, my friends. I HOPE you’re having a decent day, anyway. I managed to dig the car out and get myself to work in the span of an hour and 15 minutes, with a minimum of white-knuckling, which I feel is an accomplishment. Hopefully the commute home is similarly without drama. We’re warming up and it’s about to start raining, which is much more in line with regular Portland weather.

Chad, one of the partners here and also my buddy and fellow beer-lover, brought me the Portland Beer Guide this morning. (The 2014 guide to every brewery and cidery within a one-hour drive!!) In case you want to brush up on your own beer knowledge, let me link you to a comprehensive guide to Beer styles, via the BeerAdvocate.com. Good info and it’s been instructive to me. I still have some unanswered questions, but I’m on the hunt.

As I mentioned this weekend, I’m going with Ethan on Tuesday to his writing group. I plan to see what the vibe is like before committing, but I’m looking forward to going!

Also my sister and I are buying the kid’s plane tickets for Spring Break. I MUST GET HER ROOM READY. Where is my bibbly-boopin tax return already? I want to buy a new bed (fiiiiinally) and move my old bed into the second bedroom for her. I’m also moving OUT the papasan chair – anyone local need a nice, gently used papasan chair? and IN the desk which Matthew and Ethan gave me a while ago and which has been chillin in my garage. It is meant to be refinished, but for now it will suffice. I actually LIKE the shabby rustic look of it, but it needs some spit & polish eventually.

I also need to rearrange the book shelves in there and hang a curtain rod and a curtain. OMG! So much to do!


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