A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Stripey made it through the night just fine, and he ate a pretty good breakfast and drank a lot of water this morning and then was snuggled back into his blanket for his all-day napathon. Eating and drinking are good signs. His lymph node is swollen, giving him a strange appearance of having a very swollen neck. And last night his inner eyelid on that side kept wanting to come out. Last night he looked so strange and dazed and lethargic, but this morning he seemed a lot perkier, and his eyes looked MUCH better. I’ve got a course of treatment to conduct, and hopefully those things will work. Carrie thinks it’s probably just a cold, even though he’s not sneezing. I am not sure, but I am willing to try the homeopathic stuff before handing over another couple hundred dollars for vet care at the office.

It was, as you may well imagine, a very stressful night. I woke up at 4:30 convinced he was dead, and went into the living room to check on him – he was indeed alive and sleeping. I am a nervous nelly for sure. Anyway, we’ll see how everything goes.

Tonight I am meeting Matt and Milo (his small son) and Jon for pizza dinner. Tomorrow there is an Oregon Brew Crew event (providing Stripey is feeling well enough for me to be gone that long). Friday I’m having dinner and drinks with Ethan before going together to watch Matthew perform in a choir concert. Saturday my plan was, as I outlined before, to go to Newport. That is STILL the plan, provided the Stripe is markedly improved. Our office is closed on Monday next week, so I have a long weekend. I’ll fill it with something, I’m sure, either in Newport or here.

AND my sister and I are buying plane tickets for Aria (my niece) on Friday. SO exciting!

Also, last night I used my new phone’s talking GPS to get me home after becoming hopelessly lost after dropping Carrie off. SO HAPPY to have that, as I was already anxious and anxious to get home and anxious about being lost…. there is a theme here…


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