A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Stripey is much improved/back to normal self. The swelling is gone, his eyes are clear and bright, he’s back to eating happily. I cancelled our appointment for tomorrow but tonight after my dinner date with Shanon, I’m going to make a couple pans of brownies to take over to the vet people for V-Day, and as thanks for them being lovely human people.

Also in Big News is that yesterday my sister and I managed (through heroic efforts lasting no shit FOUR HOURS) to buy Aria’s plane tickets for Spring Break. Matthew and Ethan jumped in and helped when I sent them a flaily email – do you know that you cannot use a booking site like Priceline or Kayak or whatever to book tickets for a minor? You have to do it through individual carriers… all of which have their own definition of “unaccompanied minor” and services fees associated with same, ranging from $50 each way to $150 each way – depending on the dates! Such a tangle. We ended up going with Southwest and the ticket was double what it was the last time I checked, which to be fair was 2 months ago. My sister split the cost with me, thankfully.

Anyway, it’s done!! She’ll be here from March 16 through March 24. I have SO MUCH to do now. I’m going to go to Ikea at some point soon and get a new duvet cover and sheets, a rug and a lamp and curtains for her room. (I think Ikea will be more affordable than Target.) AND I’m (ffiiiiinnnnnalllllllly) going to buy myself a new mattress set and move my current set into the spare room. Whew! The rest of my tax return is going straight into savings.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, with friends and beer and food. I’m still planning to go to the coast on Sunday, but I am also allowing for the fact that I may collapse. This has been a very hectic, emotionally draining week. I am playing it by ear. The good news is that even Valentine’s weekend, hotel rates drop dramatically when you stay on Sunday night!

In book news: I am re-reading the Hobbit and geez, I just love it so. In writing news: the brainstorming and outlining continues great guns. Huzzah!


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