A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I managed to sleep in, but my whole body just aches and I only made it to the couch and another nest of blankets. I am about to take an ativan, too. I am seething with anxiety and paranoia, which I think may be coming from the cold pills (this sometimes happens with the sudafed ones). Unpleasant.

I have to feel better sooner than later because I am buying a new bed from SOMEWHERE this weekend and I don’t care if I infect the entire freaking city with cold germs.

I just keep bursting into tears of frustration. I’ve looked forward to this weekend for months, and it’s a complete wash. I wish I had someone to help me, but then again, I’m so glad no one has to be around me. At least Stripey is feeling better – for that I am infinitely grateful. Trying to focus on gratitude and peace.


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