A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

A better mood, intentionally

Henrietta is snoring on the back of the couch and I can’t stand how cute it is.

Sorry for my whiny posts lately. I’m not a very graceful sick person. It is now almost 9 pm and I have spent a good portion of the day sleeping and reading while the skies opened up and stayed open, practically flooding us out over here. I also did some genealogy work. More on that in another post, but a mystery has been solved.

Things that are good:

~ 20 birds visiting the feeder and the seeds scattered below. This is good for the birds and it also entertains all of the cats who live here and watch out their windows.

~ My aerogarden is growing herbs like crazy! The mint is, of course, crowding everything and will require a harvesting soon. I have successfully trained Henry to refrain from munching on the plants. She is a very smart wee lass.

~ Leftover curry for lunch.

~ The funnel I ordered for brewing arrived today and it is HUGE, it probably holds half a gallon or more of liquid. It also has a sieve screen which fits inside, but it’s large enough that I could use my regular kitchen strainer as well. I now only need a few more items and Crows Nest Brewing will be totally outfitted for independent brewing.

~ My stepmom called a bit ago; she ordered a set of lilac-colored bath towels that she ended up not liking, so she’s sending them to me. Coincidentally, I got a new shower curtain on clearance last year that actually has lilac colors in it, so maybe the towels will match! (It’s a long shot, but maybe.)

~ There are some really cute videos of basset hound puppies on the internet.

Now to watch X-Men, take a shot of Nyquil, and go back to bed.


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