A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I am beyond frustrated. Time to make hands busy to still my rabbity mind, which means working in the second bedroom to make it lovely for Aria Elizabeth instead of trying to outline.

Good things:
~ Fur-lined chalet boots arrived yesterday. Yes, it is 50F today, but I am going to wear them anyway because damn it, fur-lined. That reminds me of “felined.” Remember that commercial where the woman says, “I like your boots” and the guy replies, “They’re not boots, they’re my cats” and we see that he has cats on his feet and ankles.

Today I am going to Target to finally return a bunch of stuff. Then to the bank and then to Let’s Brew to get the last few brewing supplies. I am really itching to brew again. Did I mention that my friend Chad is bringin me 20 empty bottles next week? WHOOHOO! I think that should be enough in additon to what I have already to be able to bottle on the 8th.


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