A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I am the woman of furs at the moment – one throw is across my legs, the other around my shoulders, and two LIVE PURRING furs are also draped over my legs and against a hip. Very pleasant way to finish up outlining. (!!)

Once the outline is finished:

~ go buy new mattresses (nervous but excited)
~ hit TJs for groceries
~ Target to return things
~ Finish laundry, run dishwasher & sweeper
~ cook something for the week, maybe 2 somethings

The cold seems to be relenting bit by bit. By the time I got back home last night from having a beer with Matthew & Ethan, I was sneezy and coughy to beat the band. And it does feel like a cough is lodging itself in my chest. I reaaaallllly hope not; am being diligent about the decongestants. But I FEEL better, and that’s crucial. I’m off work today for the holiday, but the rest of the week will be busy, including one morning in court on Thursday.

Onward! Cross your fingers I find a great and affordable bed! Anything is better than the sagging monstrosity I’m sleeping on at the moment.


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