A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Well, it’s done! The new mattresses are bought, delivered, and set up!

It was a whirlwind of a day. I spent ages in the store (a local place with locally made mattresses, how Portland is that!! I’m joking it’s organic and free range, too, hahaha) and then fiiiiinally picked out the bed and then it was delivered an hour and a half later. It’s glorious! It’s SO TALL! My previous bed sat on the floor, and this bed is up on a frame. When I sit on the edge, my feet do not touch the ground! I don’t know that Stripey can get up on it it. Henrietta can, of course, with her tiny muscular kittenness. Might have to get stairs for the boy, though. Well, and let’s be honest – for me too.

I muscled the old bed into the second bedroom and got it in place (my back is already achy from that little endeavor), then headed over to Matthew’s house, where we launched from there to Ikea.

Home now and I did spend more $$ at Ikea than I had planned, but I got everything I wanted: a yellow and white striped duvet cover, 3 coordinating throw pillows, a rug, a lamp, a decorative wrought iron lantern, and a stuffed beaver wearing a vest! (<– silly, yes, but cute!) I still need to get some sheets washed for the bed, but I went ahead and put the duvet cover on and the pillows, so I could see it all together and it is SO CUTE!

I hope she likes it. đŸ™‚ But even if she doesn’t, *I* do, and I think it will translate just fine into being a second bedroom for guests, or couch-surfers, or Air B&Bers or my family or whatever. I bought a curtain rod that has rings with little alligator clips on them to hang the curtain, and I can change the curtain if I decide to go with a different color scheme later.

I am so happy. A new bed for me, a cozy nest for the wee visitor. Now if someone would come over and finish the laundry and do some dishes for me, I would be completely content. While I did get “out of house” life stuff done today, I did not get “in house” stuff done. I don’t like going into the week with the house not being tidy, but I’m too tired to do it tonight, so there you have it.

Once the second bedroom is finished, I’ll do a curtain rod for my bedroom, and THEN I’ll rearrange the living room. It’s like a whole new house. I’ve got 27 days before she gets here….


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