A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Brainstorming help needed, my creative friends.

I need to name an organization that send teams of people on missions to rescue and assist to safety folks who are fleeing persecution.

I realize that is vague, but hopefully some of you just have a database in your head of cool-sounding organizations or acronymns or whatever…

The premise is: folks with extraordinary abilities (“hybrids”) are held captive and bred and genetically engineered/modified on farms in certain parts of the country. There is an organization, “XYZ,” which sends its members out on missions of rescue – breaking hybrids out of the farms, or helping those who have already escaped and are making their way (underground railroad style) to Washington and Oregon, the two states where legislation forbids the captivity and breeding of hybrid people.

So I need a cool sounding organization name for these rescuers. All I can think of are things that are already taken, like Browncoats. It bears noting I guess that the rescuers are comprised of both previously-rescued hybrids and regular people. And yes, I thought about “The Rescuers” too as a nod to one of my favorite Disney movies OF ALL TIME, but it sounds like Disney and not like cool.

Help a lady out…..


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