A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

My first two nights in my new bed were ok. It is comfortable and I woke up with a LOT less pain both mornings. I did less thrashing, although not a lot less, owing to the wee bairn cat who snuggled in with me and caused me to wake up sweaty and trapped. My goodness she puts off a lot of heat! But the bed is nice. It seems VERY HIGH, in spite of being really only about 6-7 inches higher than the last. I kept being nervous I would roll off, hahaha.

I went to bed early last night and then started a new book, not expecting much. Then it suddenly became deeply interesting, and I ended up staying up til almost midnight reading. It’s A Free Man of Color by Barbara Hamby.

Last night I went to People’s Ink, the writing group Ethan belongs to. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but I was feeling a bit better by the end. There are a LOT of people in the group, probably 20-30, and it was way out of my comfort zone to walk into a large group of strangers like that… also, I was SOAKING WET because it had begun to pour as I’d exited my car and I took a wrong turn, ending up outside a strip club, furiously typing the name of the place into my phone to get an address of where I was SUPPOSED to be, surrounded by smoking girls in zero clothing… so it was an inauspicious start, but it ended well enough.

Thank you, speaking of writing, for all of the suggestions for names of my fictional rescue organization! You guys are so great for brainstorming with.

There are 2 classes coming up that I am interested in: the botanical illustration class I mentioned before, and also a beer appreciation class.

Speaking of beer – I’m bottling on the first! Hyzzah! This weekend I am going to devote some hours to de-labeling all of the bottles I have currently. THAT should be a project! I actually bought some goo-gone or similar to help.

And on the genealogy front…
… a family story has emerged about my grandpa, my dad’s dad. He was adopted a couple of days after he was born, but no one has seemed to know from whom. It was the mid-20s, in a very small town in Oklahoma, which had only been settled in the late 1890s during the land run. Attitudes toward children were different then. If someone had a baby they couldn’t take care of, other family members took it. Adoption among strangers was not common – there WERE no strangers. But adoption within families was still much more common than adoption outside of the family. (Attitudes were different on the east coast – illegitimate babies were casually [versus formally] given, a circumstance which, beginning in the 1910s, prompted the formation of various child welfare leagues and the start over government oversight and “moral” involvement. But those agencies and attitudes were not present in the wild west, and Oklahoma was wild at that time, still considered Indian territory. The homesteaders were settlers and certainly not availing themselves of urban attitudes.)

All of this leads me to think that the circumstances must have been hinky. Either his bio mom was very young, unmarried, or possibly “feeble.” Or a family member, but that is not the family story. Of course, family lore is also that my grandpa was “the first white baby born in Indian territory,” but that simply cannot be true. The town in which he was born had been founded some 30 years prior. A final possibility is that his bio-mom WAS married, but already had too many children and no other family to take an extra baby.

So really it’s anyone’s guess without there being records. I continue to be on the hunt and it is a fine mystery to try to unravel. The thing is, if this is a story in my family, it’s a story in someone else’s as well.


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