A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Anooooother busy day, which sadly began at 5:30 this morning when I had to crawl out of bed for court. Luckily court was short and relatively simple. I am blissfully, blessedly free of plans for tonight and I plan to a) finish the laundry and b) play with Henrietta and c) snuggle with Stripers on the couch whilst watching mind-numbingly soothing cop shows. The fact that these plans sound so amazing to me is a good indicator of my level of tiredness! I’ve been out every night this week! Need down time! At least last night I made some food for tonight and also did the dishes. The house looks slightly less like hobos with pet pigs live there.

I think starting on Sunday I’m going to do some kind of cleansy-cleanse thing, nothing drastic, but a sort of determined tapering of bullshit carbs. I have many many carbs to spare on a given day and lately I’ve just become completely lazy about what I eat. But, as noted here, I also feel sluggish and sludgy and I’m not sleeping well and I STILL haven’t completely shaken that stupid Valentine’s cold. I think all of these things will be improved by “not eating like a jerk” as annainthecity once said. And also some movement. The weather has been junk, butttttt…. something has to give!


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