A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I almost can’t talk about this because it makes me so angry, but… those gym bastards charged my debit card again.

Rage. Rage. Rage. Literal smoldering rage.

After ALL THAT CRAP LAST MONTH!! I then had to spend a couple of hours on the phone with various people: the idiots at the gym (who were calling me “ma’am” in a very sober tone by the end of the conversation), the morons at the billing service, and the similarly frustrated people at my bank.

I then spent time this evening frantically shuffling money around, trying to get everything situated. I THINK I’ve done it, but I am furious. I do not like surprises. And yes, I said I was going to keep myself a $100 cushion, but I forgot. So that was my fault, but I refuse to beat myself up for not keeping a cushion when it’s their responsibility to HONOR THE FUCKING CONTRACT, which they SIGNED and which I had notarized(!) saying my membership was canceled, the final billing date was January 22, and that they acknowledged that they were absolutely prohibited from charging my card again.

Thank goodness I got everything in writing. I will be cancelling my debit card on Monday and getting a new one, and that will be the end of it. And yes, it is a hassle, but I simply can’t have this happen month after month, and I have zero confidence they won’t do it again. We’ll know tomorrow if they charged Pam and Paul again too. The bank has agreed to work with me to monitor the old number to see if they try to charge it again. There are stories of people canceling their card and then getting a call from a collection agency.


My head is somewhat exploding this evening, although I do feel better knowing now that after switching the payments for a bunch of auto-draw things to credit cards instead of from my bank everything should clear — you know, like my RENT CHECK and STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS. Shit that you cannot easily recover from if your payments bounce!!!! (aaaa, I’m getting all ragey again…. breaaaathe….)

I just cannot believe I’ve gotten embroiled in something so outrageously sordid. This is one of the most expensive, prestigious gyms in the entire city!

I wish there was some way to file a class action against their new parent company or something. I just WANT TO BE FUCKING FREE OF THEM.


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