A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

It’s Friday, which is reason enough to celebrate. I’m in a terrible mood, but I’m trying to shake it. (Edit: took an Ativan; bursting into tears over and over at work isn’t the best case scenario.)(Edit: ordered breakfast and am now eating it; perhaps food will help too.)

(Some) Things for which I am thankful:
~ I live in a beautiful, progressive city on the river, which allows me to lead the kind of conscious, forward-thinking life I like to live

~ I have lovely hair which is healthy and shiny and soft. I may be dissatisfied with the size of my body, but my hair is pretty.

~ Wonderful, dear friends who genuinely care, who are fun, and who challenge me and allow me to grow.

~ Healthy(ish) pets. An inquisitive mind that yearns to learn. Creative bones.

This morning I got my first assignment to a workshopping group at The People’s Ink (the new writing group). I am in a different group from Ethan; have to be a brave on-my-own person!

And in a Gym Debacle Update: I spoke to a live person who began processing my refund while we were on the phone. I spoke to the club again and there is a way for them to remove my CC info from their system entirely, which will be done as soon as the refund processes through. This is an outcome which does not entirely satisfy, but which I can live with.

The day has been challenging. Jon and I had tentative pizza plans, but we are both so tired we decided not to even try to meet up. Tonight I will continue the laundry (more on that in a sec) and make banana bread.


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