A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

DO YOU HEAR THAT??? It’s the sound of angels singing! I used my new blender to make hummus this morning and it worked! like! a! champ! No mess! No burning out the motor! No multiple batches of sticky wretchedness! I did a litchen dance that involved quite a lot of butt-shaking, fist-pumping, and head waggling, so happy I was!

That blender just totally paid for itself. I can’t believe how fast and powerful it is! I also made a batch of salsa and it worked great.

I’m just being a busy (which I just accidentally typed as “busty” – that too, let’s face it) little bee over here today. I have a list, shit is getting marked off of it. Next up is an enthralling de-labeling process for all the beer bottles I’ve collected for bottling St. Brigid on March 1.

I WANTED to brew again this weekend, but I have to wait because of that stupid gym bullshit. They are supposed to issue me a refund on Monday. I sincerely hope that happens. I asked them to delete the card they had on file for me, and she said they “can’t.” They could replace it with another form of payment. UM, NO. The gym claims they can remove the card on file and do “direct billing,” which is what I am going to do. I would rather NOT have to disable my existing debit card, but if the gym can’t take my card off file, I will.

Anyway, brewing – on the 9th, I think. A scottish heather ale. So excited! This one will be made at my own house – Crows Nest Brewing in situ!

Alright, back to productivity! (banana bread baking, curtain-hanging, beer bottle de-labeling, etc etc)


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