A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I went to the writing group again last night and it was good, except for the annoying woman next to me. It’s serving its purpose though, which is to motivate and inspire me. I used my “Siri, take a note” iPhone function while I was stuck in traffic this morning and got some new ideas down. Yay! People do routinely ask, “what do you write?” and I found I was having a great deal of difficulty answering. I said, “I’m working on a sort of super heroes thing, and I’ve finished a steampunk novel,” and the annoying woman actually SNORTED at me. Screw you, lady. She actually was so annoying that I’m going to write her into the project.

It occurred to me last night when Ethan mentioned something about my office sounding unpleasant lately, or political lately, that I should follow-up on my Very Bad Day last week. You may recall that I was sick and left work early, but that was after someone made a comment about my dress that distressed me. The following Monday, I went to that partner and just asked him if he thought my dress was inappropriate and he was absolutely aghast that I had interpreted his comment that way. It was so unlike him, I suspected I had misunderstood and indeed, I had. I was glad to have asked instead of assuming the worst.

In other office news, I increased my 401(k) contribution… which means a decrease in ze olde paycheck, but the more I think about what retirement might be like, the more nerved out I get.

For the past couple of days, I have been trying to lower my carb intake throughout the day. So far it is going ok. I do not believe in cutting things out entirely, but I do believe that in the glut of carbs on any given day, there are plenty to spare, so reducing such consumption should be fairly easily achieved and it has been. Last night I did have a beer and mac & cheese, so that was pretty much a wash, hahaha. Today has been better. I am just at my wit’s end with not sleeping well, even with the new mattress. I know eating better and moving my ass more will help.

Aaaaaaand finally, there are plans in the works for canning and jamming to happen this year! I’m looking into getting the produce box delivered this year – I know some of you do it and love it, so I’m hoping I will also love it! Making my own beer, canning and jamming… now if I had some chickens and a pair of overalls, I’d be all set, hahahaha.


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