A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

What a nice Sunday this has been – low key and lovely. I finished getting the empty bottles de-labeled and cleaned (although they’re going through a scalding water dishwasher run again – and then will be sanitized with sanitizer when it’s time to bottle). I spoke to my folks for a good hour, and that was nice. My dad has agreed to try to talk to his dad about his dad’s adoption, and see if he can get anywhere, especially since there are conflicting stories.

The weather was nice enough this morning to have the heavy door open to just the screen, and the kittens enjoyed watching the birds. Henry’s friend, Angry Blue Jay has a mate!! I’m calling them Bonnie and Clyde.

Yesterday I worked hard in the second bedroom and got it finished. Bed is made and all the boxes are moved to the garage or to goodwill, furniture all clean and rearranged. I’ll do a last-minute cleaning again before the lass gets here, but in general it is finished. (Well, I ordered pillows and as soon as they arrive, I’ll put on extra pillows, but otherwise, it’s finished!)

A while ago I picked the boycat up and I think Stripey’s gained some weight! This is very good news, and hopefully it means the IBS is turning around and he’s absorbing nutrients properly. He’s due for a proper weighing in about a week, so we’ll know for sure then.


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