A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Brian mentioned the other night that he and Steph are planning a trip to San Francisco and it got me hankering to visit again. The last time I was there I was so significantly injured that I have very little memory of our time in the city. I’d love to do it up right as a proper tourist!

Today is…
~ windy and rainy
~ Bottling Day for my St. Brigid Honey Orange Wheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take pictures to share with you guys. I’m enthusiastic not only because it’s another step closer to getting to try my beer and see how it turned out (which, let me just tell you, it is torturous having to wait so long to see how it turned out!!), but also because it is another step in the process which I have not yet experienced. Yay! I’m taking a pizza over with me.
~ Jon’s party tonight. Should be fun.

I know there are people who love to run in the rain, but I have not experienced the joy associated with that yet. Maybe later today.

Did I mention that I ordered a new laptop? It’s very small, and it was cheap, and it has one purpose: to be light enough for me to take with me to go out and write outside the house. I used my Dell charge account, which meant I was forced to get a Windows machine, which is fine, but the Windows 8 operating system leaves a lot to be desired on a laptop. On a tablet, I think it would be great. It seems to be an OS designed for tablet use, and so having it on a laptop is kind of pointless and annoying. Still, it was less than $300 and I needed something Now, and I needed it to be Cheap, and I needed it to be Lightweight & Very Portable, and I got all those things.

This means I MUST finish my project because I bought a tool specifically FOR IT. I really would have preferred a Chromebook, but I needed to be able to run Scrivener. A MacBook would have been ideal, but see above, price. I’m making it work.

This afternoon after bottling, work will be done….
ALSO! Spring Training has started and I am sooooooo happy about that!!


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