A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Fretful. Anxious.
I acknowledge that I feel these things, but feelings are just feelings and they will pass.

I am not controlled nor defined by these things or by the way I feel.

I am a winner, leading a happy and fulfilling life, which is momentarily obscured by faulty brain wiring causing unpleasantness.

The 4 year old me did not like being left alone, did not like feeling like she wasn’t good enough to get attention. I can be kind to that kid and remind her that she’s tough and she’s great, and being alone doesn’t have to be bad or frightening and that we can get on just fine no matter what.

Must start running again. This time I can’t stop. Movement is the thing that makes me feel better.

Maybe a new drawing this week too. The puzzle is nice and I’m liking it. The outlining is coming along in leaps and bounds. A drawing and some movement… Get through the three social things I have scheduled this week and go from there.


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