A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Mukilteo is apparently a Native American word which means, “good place for camping.”

THIS was my Note from the Universe this morning, and all I have to say is WOW.
“Kristen, sometimes, when it seems your wings have suddenly and unexpectedly been clipped, maybe, just maybe, there’s more to learn by staying where you are.”

Well, ok, yes. Perhaps so.

That being said, I do feel that I am getting my mojo back. As I was crossing the parking garage this morning, I took a deep breath and walked taller, and the effect is immediate, isn’t it? I had a distinct shift in my mind from a shuffling, hunched over, grumpy toady frump to a glowing and winsome lady of confidence. Or something.

Then I read this:
“Realizing our aims is often merely a matter of simply applying ourselves wholeheartedly to the goals we have set. Many of those who fail to meet their objectives in this life are not the victims of a lack of desire, but rather the victims of a lack of dedication.”

Well, ok, yes.

It’s been an unbearably busy day.


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