A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

My grandparents were conservationists long before conservationism was known as the lefty green cause it is today. This occurred to me just now as I was commenting in another thread about the use of double sinks – after dinner we soaked and soaped the dishes in one side and rinsed in the other. I remember being little and my grandpa (of blessed memory) explaining to me that wasting water was not something we wanted to do. He, in fact, did the old army trick of shutting off the water in the shower while he soaped up.

I know this is an attitude borne out of the depression years, and of the immigrant experience, and it’s interesting if you think about the attitudes toward the same things now. These days “being green” is considered a lefty thing, an environmentalist thing, and not really connected anymore with those old mores of the past. Too bad because our grannies and grampas had it right in a lot of ways.


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