A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Anyway, happy Monday to you all – did you non-Arizonan Americans survive springing forward with the clocks? I’m predictably tired this morning, and also predictably didn’t sleep well last night. Too wound up emotionally still. Today I am getting some excitement back, especially as I make my list of last-minute things to get done before Aria gets here.

Still feel slightly emotionally hungover from the unpleasantness this weekend. BUT. I should point out that I had a fabulous night with Matt on Friday, and on Saturday evening I went to a dinner party and got to chat with people I haven’t seen in a while and with whom I do not get to spend enough time! Matt and I talked again about walking/running together, so that is Happening. I was spurred on by a nice email from my exercise app (endomondo) noting that I hadn’t logged any exercise miles in Feb and encouraging me to “make March a month of motion.” Alrighty! And last night I had dinner with Matthew for his birthday, which was lovely. So the good really outweighed the bad, it’s just that the bad emotions were SO POWERFUL this weekend.

In dude news, did I mention that Jon is seeing someone now? Which is great, but he doesn’t seem to want to be friends really anymore. He has declined every single invitation and then last night he texted me about all this stuff he’s got coming up and how busy he is about to be and how busy he’ll be until June!! Message received. I’m trying not to feel as though he had a good time hanging out with me (and the rest of us) UNTIL he got a “real” girlfriend, and now he doesn’t have any time to hang out anymore. But…. kinda that is how I feel. Oh well. His loss because I am fun and happy and not in the middle of a hairy divorce.

Gosh, I’ve just been little Miss Mary Sunshine lately, haven’t I? I’m going to give myself an attitude adjustment tonight and start being a more pleasant person to be around.


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