A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Oh my lord, I am so tired. I woke up as tired or moreso than when I’d gone to bed. My sleep analyzing app indicated that I was restless and never got into anything resembling “deep sleep.” I guess tonight I’m going to take a sleep aid and try to get some restorative sleep. I’m just not sure what the culprit is… I can GET to sleep just fine, and I didn’t feel like I tossed and turned last night, but obviously I did. The room is dark and cool – the sheets are comfortable and last night I didn’t wake up feeling too hot. Henry has begun sleeping on her own side of the bed, and sleeping through the night, so she’s not keeping me up. I am altering my eating, so maybe that’s contributing to it? And emotional stuff, I suppose, although I feel better about things. Not exercising? These are things I will be working on next – trying some focused meditation before bedtime, working out in the early evening, and staying the course with cutting back on carbs and sugars and meat. Not sure what else to do.

My smoothie was good this morning, though: orange, mango, banana, coconut milk (cream free) and walnuts, plus protein powder. I didn’t get a chance to make the green one yet, but it’s next: baby spinach, honeydew melon and greek yogurt. Already made is an orange cranberry banana, and I’ve got the stuff for another orange, mango, banana, greek yogurt one. I can’t remember which one of you was talking about breakfast smoothies, but I love the idea and my new blender is SUCH A CHAMP at making them. It takes zero time. The protein powder is a giant plastic jar left here by Griffin – I figured I might as well use it.


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