A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Two things: first of all, I did not use the sleep monitoring app last night and I woke up much happier. I think there’s something about the alarm in the app that I don’t like? I’m not sure. But it was nice to not wake up and look at the stats right away and see what a failure I am at sleeping. I realize how silly that sounds, but there you have it. Anyway, I woke up slightly more rested, which is to say “not weeping with exhaustion.” Maybe I’m just getting used to this stupid time change that seems to get harder every year.

Second thing is that I video-called with the kid and my sister last night and it went well. They both are struggling with some anxiety about the trip. I tried to be as calm and comforting as I could, showed them my house, discussed at length how everything will work, etc. We talked about the “community service” she’ll be doing while she’s here and it was in general a pretty pleasant conversation. It did come to light that my niece (who is 14, remember) watches American Horror Story! Which I think is SO inappropriate. But otherwise, it was fine. I think we’re going to have a good time while she’s here. (note: schedule pedicures.) Still no word on the ID. I refuse to ask.

What a day, man. I very nearly missed a deadline and have scrambled around all afternoon because of it. Busier than a one-armed paper hanger, as my old grandpa would say. I’m looking forward to getting home and collapsing into Grey’s Anatomy cleaning and getting ready for the kid’s arrival. The week is flying by.


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