A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

A couple of things have happened of note, aside from work stuff, which is boring to read about anyway. First, I signed up to have my outline workshopped at the writing group on April 1. OMG! OMG! So nervous! This morning I very nearly talked myself out of it, but I pulled it back from the edge and am going forth with having it workshopped. The idea is to get better, right? RIGHT!! Camp Nano starts on April 1, too, so I’ll have a hot and fresh outline all ready to go. I am feeling good. Nervous but good.

Second, I issued another invitation to Jon and he declined again. He has all but stopped texting me, and barely replies to any texts I send. So, that is that. I am only somewhat disappointed. I’m more “shoulder-shruggy, grimace-mouth” if you can picture that. I won’t be issuing any more invitations or sending texts, though. DUD.

Third, I managed to inject Stripey’s arthritis medicine into his fur last night, instead of into his body, thereby wasting a dose of this precious solution, and by precious I mean “squeezed by hand by angels from bits of gold.” The shit is expensive. Note to self: buy more syringes, too. He was patient with me, though, snorfling his treats while I poked him not once, but twice. Poor old dude. He got a bumbling mama, that’s for sure.

And finally. After Aria leaves, I’m starting running again in earnest (the vegetarian switch-over is going very well so far – I’m going to let the kid eat the rest of the meat that’s in the house while she’s here). Kate (urban_affair) is doing Bridge to Brews, which is (I think) an 8k with craft beer at the end and I am ALL ABOUT IT.

Oh, and brewing again on the 29th.

Ok, that’s really it. Time to go sit in traffic and go home!!


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