A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Ridiculously long day. I have to go back into the office in the morning to clean up my desk and finish up one project. UUUUGGGHHH.

The happy: I’m excited about the babe arriving day after tomorrow. I tried my beer today again and it was a hit with everyone at Friday 4pm Fun at my firm. I am pleased with it. Groceries get delivered tomorrow, and I got a new debit card because… YOU GUESSED IT! I called the gym just to be sure they weren’t slated to charge me and THEY WERE! So I instantly disabled my debit card, got a new one, and set up a flag on the old number. After Aria goes home next week, I’m working with Pam and Paul and we’re filing suit against the company that owns the gym. It may be possible to bring class action, but one step at a time, as Paul says. The good news is that there is an attorneys fee provision attached to the statutes they’ve violated. So we won’t be working for free for ourselves.

The less good: my grandma with Alzheimer’s (Granny Peg, my dad’s mom) fell twice this week and required stitches both times. She is okay otherwise. My grandpa went to the ER with chest pains, but he is ok too thankfully. My dad and Joy are wiped out from being up all night three nights in a row. They are sending more pictures and documents in Aria’s suitcase for my genealogy project.

The bad: my mom’s mom, Gran Sal, is saying goodbye to her husband tonight. I am sad beyond belief for her. He decided it was time to go, and there is grace in calling your own shots. I am sad not to be able to be there with my grandma, because while Bob isn’t my actual grandpa, he is a truly spectacular human being, a tireless Cubs fan, voracious reader, and he has been a wonderful, loving, kind, thoughtful husband to her.

If you’ve got any extra good thoughts tonight, send them the way of my family. Crazy they may be, but everyone is sad and tired tonight.

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