A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Anxiety dreams all night. Going into work late due to thrashing all night. Dreamed I was topless in public. Dreamed I went somewhere, and on my usual way home it was too dark to see and I got lost. And I lost my favorite converse somewhere and was doing it all in sock feet.

One thing I did realize. In my dreams I am frequently running. Not away from something, just running as a mode of transportation. That either symbolizes anxiety and a need to get through things quickly or that I need to really get on the training and achieve this dream state. I am frequently happy while running in my dreams.

Today will be a very busy last day at work. The weekend until Sunday night will be a very busy last-minute cleaning weekend. With all the plane stuff on the news, I’m feeling a low grade constant nervousness about the kid flying alone. I’ll be avoiding the news from here on. If they find that plane, someone let me know! Otherwise I’ll have blinders on.


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