A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

hings accomplished today:

1. Broken modem returned, new modem installed. (A laborious, 1.5 hour ordeal at both the Comcast store and then on the phone with a service person to do the install.)
2. The child did not appear out of the bathroom wearing black lipstick (like she did yesterday), and it only took her 1.5 hours (while I was at Comcast) to get ready!
3. Powells! And she bought 2 books and I found a Birds of Oregon field guide! And she did not get lost in there! I managed to drag her out of the adult horror section and into YA. Her mom lets her watch American Horror Story and all kinds of torture porn crap, and read whatever of that junk she wants, but while she’s here I’ve asked her to be a bit more conventional. She seems totally fine with that.
4. Fish and chips (and a pint for me) at the Horse Brass for lunch.
5. A mile hike on Mt. Tabor afterward.

Tonight: pizza with Matt and Rachael and Milo, then back home to watch some Johnny Depp movies (The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, Sleepy Hollow, and Sweeney Todd) and start the new puzzle.

Tomorrow we’re doing the submarine tour at OMSI, thrift shopping at Buffalo Exchange, then Ethiopian food for dinner.

We are having a great time. My sister won’t stop texting Aria, however, which is annoying to me, although I am trying to be understanding. Probably tomorrow I will say something to my sister about it. Maybe she’s nervous I’m going to convert her kid into someone she doesn’t know, or try to turn the child against her — which I am totally not doing, obviously. Sigh. Leave it to my sister to use her own insecurities here.

Anyway, everything is going swimmingly. She really likes her room and has been very diligent about pulling up her bed every morning and hanging up her wet towel, too. So far, so good….


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