A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Happy Friday! What a lovely nice week this has been. Yesterday I did a phone consult with the vet and then Aria and I drove out to Tillamook, where we loaded up on cheese and took a bunch of cheesey pictures, then we drove out to Cape Lookout and did a bit of ocean-gazing before driving back home. We made dinner and watched more episodes of Teen Wolf, the show to which we have become addicted. (In my quest to get her off the inappropriate torture porn crap, I am trying to get her hooked on as many CW shows as possible; Vampire Diaries and Reign will be next; she already knows about Supernatural.)(Not that the CW is super high quality, but it’s head and shoulders above American Horror Story.)

We are really having a great time together. She told me yesterday that Oregon is her spiritual home. “Mom’s got Ireland, but I’ve got Oregon,” she said. I am glad she is having fun, and I am hopeful that her time here is rubbing off on her in a meaningful way. We talked at length yesterday about ways to succeed and to avoid punishment. No idea if anything I’ve been saying has been getting through, but I’m telling her what I know and trying to brainstorm new ideas with her.

We’re developing some inside jokes, too, and that’s fun. She’s a funny kid. She’s bored and unmoved by some stuff but then absolutely comes to life with wonder and delight at others – like the ocean yesterday, and a hue stand of skunk cabbage we came upon. It’s nice that she can get dorkily excited about stuff like I do without having to maintain a veneer of cool.

Today we’re going hiking in the Gorge: Multnomah Falls, the fish hatchery, and then Wahclella Falls. This evening we’re cooking shabbat dinner for Ethan and Matthew and maybe Kate & Sarah. Should be another marvelous day!


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