A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I slept for 8 great hours last night, but I am still feeling worn out from the week. A little sad, too, which surprises me. I miss hanging out with Aria! I’m going to call this evening and see how her first day back to school went. She was wearing the new outfit which she purchased while she was here, so hopefully she is feeling kicky.

Tonight is the writing group. As I mentioned yesterday, next week I am presenting my outline for review and brainstorming. I was driving in to work this morning and I realized I don’t really know how the story ends!! EEEEK. That’s pretty crucial! I had planned to devote time at lunch to the project, but instead I worked through lunch. This entry, in fact, has taken me 5 hours to write so far.

In some strange twist, Jon has gotten all chatty again – I truly don’t know what to make of it except that my pessimistic voice says he’s back in the picture because the other girl is out? But I have no idea whatsoever if that is true or not. Or it could be as he told me in the beginning, that it was about to be a super busy time for him and that he wouldn’t be able to do much. I don’t know. I’m just taking it at face value – not issuing invitations or going out of my way to chat him up. He asked me to get pizza this weekend, and has been the one to initiate conversations, so who knows. I’m still “meh” about it all, and did not commit to pizza.

Maybe it’s the moon. Out of the blue last night Griffin sent me about 10 texts in a row about the new neighborhood he’s moved into and how I have to come visit and go to breweries with him… (whaaaat? why would I do that?) I just said, “I’m happy you’re settling in to what sounds like a cool neighborhood” and left it at that. He did not reply.

Helllllllloooooo, universe…. still not settling for these not-right-for-me dudes. Send me someone new, please!


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