A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

This just feels like the longest week ever. I’m still pretty tired and starting to feel nerved out. I have some down time at my office today, so I’ll be throwing some mental effort and creativity toward my outline, which I have to be finished with by Saturday at the latest. Then it goes to the guy who runs our writing group, and he gives it to the group assigned to workshop it for/with me.

Things that make me nervous:
~ what if people think my idea is stupid?
~ what if my idea isn’t a unique-enough twist on a story whcih really has been done a bunch before?
~ other vague, nebulous fears relating to being scorned & ridiculed – ridiculous, I know!

Anyway. I saw this thing on facebook by a baseball merchandise company that said, “Are you going to make that play, or are you going to stand there and watch it drop?” And it just RESONATED. I am making this play. I’m getting the outline workshopped and I’m writing the story and not second-guessing myself any more. The end; she lived happily ever after.

I talked to the babe last night to see how her first day back to school after Spring Break (and wearing her new outfit!) went… and it was not a happy day for her after all, because her boyfriend dumped her at lunch! She was pretty bummed about it. But the other kids did like her outfit. Her friend apparently said something about her looking like “a hipster” and she said, “Kenzie, this is how people in Portland dress. This is Portland style.” I just cracked up. Hopefully she won’t be too sad for too long about this boy.


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