A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Well, well, well. If it’s isn’t a MONDAY.

A few things:

~ I finished The Vanishing by Wendy Webb last night and wow is all I have to say about it. The ending was marvelous. The actual ending was kind of dumb, really, but then the epilogue started and it changed everything. And now I am only FIVE books behind schedule.
~ I hate being referred to as a “gal.” I do not like the word gal. I am not a gal.
~ Henry injured one of her claws, but she is ok.
~ Today is Opening Day for baseball and I couldn’t be happier. I am wearing navy and red, Red Sox colors, and streaming the game as we speak. The Orioles are currently leading by one run. (Edit: lost by one run.)
~ I traded with someone else to workshop at the writer’s group. Not as ready as I want to be.
~ In spite of just coming off the weekend, I cannot WAIT to get back home this evening. Everyone in my office is stressed out and pissy. I cannot get anything done because the people on either side of my office are shouting back and forth to one another. Seriously people. OFFICE ETIQUETTE.
~ I did not get the cake baked yesterday, but possibly tonight.

This is one of the most boring entries of all time.


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